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About Us

Sound Health Music was founded originally in Sydney as a disability and music therapy service to support children through to the elderly with special needs. Now based in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, South Australia, both music therapy and equine assisted therapy are offered in our location or your home, school or business  (mobile service) for group or individual sessions. (Equine- Assisted Therapy is currently at our location only).

The philosophy at Sound Health Music and Equine Assisted Therapy incorporates a holistic, person-centered, and strengths- based approach. Every individual is viewed as a whole person, and an integrative approach to wellness, (taking into consideration a client's abilities to address their needs and goals), is always front- of- mind.


Incorporating the Nordoff- Robbins philosophy (every individual is innately born musical), we strive to connect to others through music. Every one of us has the capacity to be expressive through music- and music offers the ability to relate to one another through its' universal language.

Horses are powerful healers and have long been recognised as being able to mirror our emotions. People have connected with horses since ancient times, and today it is fast becoming recognised as a therapeutic modality that can assist in improving physical, emotional and mental health across a wide range of clients.


Self- expression, creativity, and client- empowerment are a foundation of Sound Health Music and Equine Assisted Therapy's philosophy, and it is our desire to assist client's to grow their self- esteem as well as improve their health, through our creative and mindful therapeutic approach. 

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