...better health through music...



Sound Health Music was founded originally in Sydney as a disability and music therapy service to support children through to the elderly with special needs. Now based in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, South Australia, music therapy is offered in our location or your home, school or business  (mobile service) for group or individual sessions.

The philosophy at Sound Health Music incorporates a holistic, person-centered, and strengths- based approach. Every individual is viewed as a whole person, and an integrative approach to wellness, (taking into consideration a client's abilities to address their needs and goals), is always front- of- mind.


Incorporating the Nordoff- Robbins philosophy (every individual is innately born musical), we strive to connect to others through music. Our hearts beat rhythmically, and our rhythms are rhythmic and fluid, (similar to music). In fact, our cells resonate with the frequencies of music! Every one of us has the capacity to be expressive through music- and music offers the ability to relate to one another through its' universal language.


Self- expression, creativity, and client- empowerment are a foundation of Sound Health Music's philosophy, and it is our desire to assist client's to grow their self- esteem as well as improve their health, through our creative and mindful therapeutic approach. 

Meet The Director/ Principal Music Therapist


Joanna (Director/ Registered Music Therapist), has studied piano with a number of renowned pianists both in Sydney and internationally at St Petersburg Conservatorium of Music, Russia, as well as with recognised composers. In 2017, Joanna won four international awards for her original music (composing), in the USA.

Joanna plays piano, guitar, ukulele, flute and percussion, among other instruments, and sings as well as composes her own music.


She holds a Bachelor of Music  (Sydney Conservatorium) as well as a Master of Creative Music Therapy (MCrMTh) as a trained Nordoff- Robbins music therapist, and is registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA).

Joanna has experience working with children,adolescents  and adults with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, behavioural and learning challenges, global delay, developmental delay, sensory challenges, anxiety and more. Joanna is also experienced working in aged care.

Additionally, Joanna has over 20 yrs piano teaching experience. 
Sound Health Music is now located in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.



Source: Kalani Das

Case Study

Marco, (name changed for privacy), was a client in his early 60's, who was suffering from severe
depression and anxiety, as a result of
having endured a second stroke.  He was informed he will never walk again and was finding it hard to cope. 

  He spoke of his love of birds and how a particular bird was visiting him each day since the stroke.

This emotion evolved into a song for Marco and provided Marco with a vehicle of expressing his feelings and a turning point, where he began looking at life in a new, positive light and developed hope for his future.


Music Lessons/ Adapted Music Lessons

Music lessons are available for Piano and Theory (AMEB exams or leisure), Guitar and Ukulele - for all ages, and abilities.



Adapted music lessons are specifically modified music lessons which cater for the specific, special needs of the client. While musical goals are the focus, adapted lessons are provided by a registered music therapist that understands sensory and learning differences and can provide a variety of supports to assist the client in learning the new instrument.


Source: Anita Collins
Orange Blossom
..."I would teach children music, physics and philosophy, but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the key to learning"...
- Plato-

...Better health through music...

Music Therapy
Research has shown that Music Therapy is unique, as the only therapy that engages and stimulates all regions of the brain simultaneously. This stimulation assists the brain to create and 
re-organise new neural pathways.
Musically mediated neuroplasticity maximises the client's potential to achieve recovery, overcoming limitations of illness, to improve health and wellbeing and discover a new capacity for life.
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"Out of your vulnerabilities will       come your strength"

-Sigmund Freud-

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